SunDrop Solar Trailers

When the journey is the destination.

Teardrop Travel Trailers - Sundrop Solar Trailers

Introducing The Solar Powered Teardrop Trailer – Sundrop Solar Trailers.

A travel trailer designed for the eco-conscious traveler.

At SunDrop Solar Trailers, we believe the journey is the destination. That’s why our hand-built, teardrop trailers are ready to use, with everything you need for your journey, however long or short it may be. Each self-contained, solar-powered, eco-friendly and ultra-light recreational travel trailer is built with love and attention to detail. We take great pride in our teardrop campers and consider them our children. We’re happy to send them out into the world with you!

Our love of traveling, cooking and eating inspired us to create SunDrop teardrop travel trailers, along with our passion for green-building techniques and alternative energy. SunDrop Solar Trailers are designed to make any journey easy, comfortable and fun. With a SunDrop Solar Trailer, wherever you pull over is home. Happy traveling from our family to yours. 

Duke, Audrey and Jake, plus our four-legged friends, Jax and Humphrey.

Teardrop Trailer - Sundrop Solar Trailers

Little SunDrop

Everything you need to make your journey the best. Your solar-powered home on wheels!
4′ x 10′

Travel Trailers - Sundrop Solar Trailers

Big SunDrop

A little extra room for more gear on a longer trip. Perfect for a cross-country trek.
5′ x 10′

Camper Trailers - Sundrop Solar Trailers


Upgrade and enhance your SunDrop with a variety of options, including more power and custom colors.

Learn a little about our trailers.

SunDrop Solar Trailers are beautiful on the outside and incredibly efficient and comfortable on the inside. Using green-building techniques, each trailer is eco-friendly and completely self-contained. You can easily make it your own with one of our accessory packages, including custom colors, increased solar racking for more power, or more outside usable space. The lightweight, aerodynamic design can be pulled by most vehicles, regardless of size (installed trailer hitch required). It drafts behind the tow vehicle with minimal effect on fuel economy.

Each SunDrop Solar Trailer includes a sleeping-gear cabin, a full galley-kitchen, entertainment center (optional), plenty of storage and expandable photo voltaic (solar electric), and storage capacity. And, our trailers can serve as a backup generator for your home in case of a power outage!

Each SunDrop Solar Trailer is individually handcrafted—it’s a work of art, with repurposed lumber for cabinets and trim far beyond the quality of most others available today. We use low VOC and mildew-resistant sustainable components in every trailer. Our diligent and detail-oriented crafting process results in high-quality, long-lasting, healthy and ergonomic trailers.

Last, but definitely not least, SunDrop Solar Trailers are just plain fun! They can be easily customized for anything from weekend camping and cross-country adventure trekking to an instant, ultimate tailgate party. A custom-color package lets you proclaim your school spirit. We make it easy to make a SunDrop yours.

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